Down the Canal - the Game of Birth 

Pregnant moms, dads, childbirth educators, health educators, high school students, doulas, nursing students, and anyone interested in birth can play this game. The idea is to walk away from it wanting to know more. Question everything while having fun.

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Scientific research shows us when you're having fun learning new information you remember more. 


Doulas, and educators can spice up class with some healthy team competition.


There are 240 questions to test birth knowledge; including breastfeeding and newborn care.


Game Includes

  • quad-fold game board

  • 4 game pieces

  • 8 colored game chips

  • question booklet with game rules

  • dice

  • nylon drawstring backpack


Comes in a convenient, lightweight drawstring bag. Easy to store and bring anywhere to play.

Only $38.00 



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Rae Davies

As a birth doula trainer I encourage all doulas to use this game with their clients. The game will present options that birthing families may not know they had. It opens the door to creating awareness of possibilities and even improving birth outcomes.

Denise Flanagan

I absolutely love this game. It is inspiring for women to take back their births, be educated about their choices and know their rights and this game delivered just that in a fun filled entertaining way. Best idea ever. Thank you for bringing this game to life for us to experience.

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